Why Homework Should Be Banned? (2022)

Why Homework Should Be Banned? (1)

Very few will think that homework is essential, probably the bookworms? Correct. But not all of them, so to say.

Is homework illegal? Very unfortunately, it is not. Mention the subject homework and, alas! All hell breaks loose. Statistics indicate that most students are burdened with lots of homework by their teachers, five assignments, 1 hour each to be completed within a night and, submitted early next morning.

Of course, teachers mean well for their students, I mean, which teacher would like to see his student fail? Not even a witchdoctor would want this for his student, right? – joking, they are not teachers. Nevertheless, the reasons why homework should be banned are far more than what the eye can see. A sixth sense is necessary to determine this. Ready to explore some of these? Let’s delve in then.

Arguments On Why Homework Should Be Banned

The reasons are many but let me deal with the steak and fat here rather than tire you with all the bones and hooves:

  • A Threat to a Kid’s Health. Would you want to be promised high grades at the expense of your child’s mental health? Remember, this kid is tired, and he still needs to internalize what he has learned in the day. Giving homework here is like throwing a matchstick near an oil tanker offloading at a petrol station. Straining the child’s brain after long hours of intense classroom experience will only lead to frustrations, and eventually, some may develop depression. Need I give the overwhelming effects of depression? For those who may not be conversant with such, suicide is one of them! Well, here is another one!
  • Little or No Support at All. You ask why we should ban homework. Here you have it! For a student to effectively understand a concept, a guide is essential. Writing help in the case of essays is essential to a student. However, most parents at home are not well acquitted with such, and some are even illiterate. The student will, therefore, scribble down whatever comes in mind, submit to the teacher who eventually won’t scrutinize it because of the workload on the table. Do you now see why we should abolish homework in schools? It adds no value at all to this student!
  • Spare Time for the Kids. Let’s do some quick arithmetic here; from 8 in the morning to probably 8.30 in the night when typically most kids are expected to be asleep. Those are 12 hours. This kid goes to school at eight and comes back after 8 hours, which is at 4 in the evening. Only 4 hours will be left for this kid and boom! There’s a two-hour homework. When will he be able to freshen up, do the assignment, and play soccer – definitely, all kids love this after school? That is why schools should ban homework. It prevents kids from other social activities and hobbies ideal for their mental health development.

More Reasons Homework Should Be Banned

You thought there was only three reasons? No there are more of course! Here’s some more homework should be banned facts and reasons:

  1. Failure in Exams. Passing highly in tests is given as a reason why homework should not be banned in schools. But wait. Doesn’t the time allotted for homework eat into the exact time that the kid should use for his or her revision? Let’s be realistic here; the homework will only cover a part of the full course study, of which it may not appear anywhere in the exam paper. Banning homework thus gives students a better chance to revise extensively and hence prepare adequately for their tests. Saying homework should not be banned would imply sacrificing better grades at the altar of lengthy, complex assignments.
  2. Unrelated Tasks. Should schools ban homework in such cases? Affirmatively yes! Some teachers will give homework that does not synch with what the kids are learning in school. That will not add value to his or her performance at all! Homework should, therefore, be eliminated as it will only serve to burden the kid with irrelevant information for nothing!
  3. Insignificant Effect on the Results. Facts have been established by research ascertaining that homework has a negligible influence on the overall performance of the student. Hence, homework should be banned because of its little or no impact on productivity.

Why Should Homework Be Banned? Important Reasons

  • More Distance, Less Affection! Should homework be banned if it creates a gap between parents and their children? Yes. Well, most kids hail from families with parents having demanding jobs. Apart from weekends, the only other time the family can comfortably have a meal together at their round table would be once in a while. The children will eventually lose touch with their parents. Reason being? They are also busy glued on their homework all this while. They will grow up not knowing how to perform specific tasks, some of which their parents would have taught them. And that’s not all, here’s more!
  • Diverse Ways of Understanding by Students. It’s indeed true that diversity is a gift from life. The way you pick up that pen, scratch your head – probably a bald one, and count the ceiling before you jot down that Shakespeare’s poem may not be the same for me. All the more reason why schools should ban homework. For heaven’s sake, do you expect that genius student who always tops the class to have the same understanding capability as the one who always leads from the bottom? Are you satisfied now?

Homework Should Be Banned Statistics 2022

Out of the delicious meal of steak and fat served above, you are now licking your hands. Hold it for a second. Allow me to help you ease them down with some bit of juice, may I?

Banning homework is critical because it will:

  • Give time to exercise
  • Increase revision time
  • Give time to make new friends
  • And of course, new inventions too, or haven’t you heard of how Isaac Newton was lazing under a tree and later emerged with the law of gravity?

Parents will also reap benefits from eliminating homework in schools because they will:

  • have ample time to spoil their kids
  • be able to monitor their kids` growth closely
  • be able to bond more!

In as much as homework is needful for a student, it still can’t work the same result for all of them.

After school, let the kids take a warm bath, be treated to a warm cup of tea, with cookies, of course, hence relaxing their minds. Watching their favorite cartoon after school and getting homework help from the esteemed writing service also won’t hurt!

Dreaming Of Eliminating Homework?

Unfortunately for most, homework is still very much not banned from most schools. What to do if there is too much of it? Well lucky for you, there are plenty of options in our modern day. One of them is to reach out to a homework help and homework writing service. Our service offers fantastic writers who will write any assignment quickly and in the highest quality. Even though homework is not banned, it’s going to feel like you don’t have to do any no more!

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