Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - 10 Hardest Rounds To Win Solo (2023)

For Fall Guys enthusiasts, winning may come easily, especially if you have a team of skilled friends to help flatten the competition. By now, masters have unlocked all the most challenging achievements and collected the most elusive outfits to add to their in-game collection.


If erasing lobbies with your friends is essentially a guarantee, then it may be time to try your hand at Solo Shows. Be prepared for an uphill battle as some rounds rely heavily on teamwork and communication to win, sticking out as notorious roadblocks for solo players. For Fall Guys masters going lone wolf, these rounds will put your expertise — and luck — to the test.


10/10 Jinxed

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Jinxed is one of the hardest rounds to strategize for as you must prepare to be either a 'runner' or 'seeker' depending on which group you are initially sorted into. If you are fortunate enough to be divided into the Jinxed group, you will only need to worry about catching players, which is still no easy task.

Running around alone can be frustrating as it's possible to chase the same player for the entire match with them barely out of your reach. As a solo player, it's best to patrol a popular area of the map so you can hopefully intercept some of the 'runners' your teammates are hunting down.

9/10 Roll Off

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Roll Off, the final round version of Roll Out, requires anticipation, movement speed, and dexterous camera work. The constant turning of the platforms makes this free-for-all frenetic and stressful as you must move quickly to keep from falling off while keeping on eye on the next floor.

What makes this stage such a nightmare for solo players are the other competitors who can completely throw off your momentum with a well-timed grab and ultimately knock you off. Navigating this dangerous rolling round is a race to avoid your fellow players as much as the gaps and bumpers that will send you flying.

8/10 Seesaw

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - 10 Hardest Rounds To Win Solo (3)

If you don't spawn toward the front in Seesaw, you should prepare for a potentially rough round as a solo player. This round leaves you at the mercy of your foes as congregating on one side of the Seesaw will doom the entire group. Getting stuck behind others will frequently leave you running to the opposite side of the seesaw for survival.

As a solo player, your limited weight will not be enough to sway the height of the platforms on your own, so the best thing you can do is avoid the crowd. If you see a few players ahead of you, try to head toward the opposite side from where they're standing to keep ahead of the curve and ensure you can jump from Seesaw to Seesaw without performing a balancing act.

7/10 Basketfall

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While one player may have the skill to dominate a basketball game in real life, that simply isn't the case in Fall Guys as even having the best jump shot in the game won't guarantee a win. Make no mistake, scoring as many times as you can for your team is probably still the best way to help, depending on your teammates' skillsets.

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However, you can only score one ball at a time on your own and there are several other balls in play that the other team will be looking to steal and dunk. In addition, grabbing a ball without being hassled by enemy players can be difficult, and you'll often waste time trying to get your shot off, forcing you to either split defensive and offensive duties or go all in on scoring points.

6/10 Blast Ball

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - 10 Hardest Rounds To Win Solo (5)

As one of the most RNG-based rounds in the entire game, it comes as no surprise that the perplexing Blast Ball remains as one of the hardest rounds to win, let alone solo. Surviving the falling floor tiles shouldn't provide too much issue, but the unpredictable exploding balls will definitely compound your problems.

Few mechanics are as infuriating as the Blast Balls as they frequently detonate on irregular timers, despite animations indicating that each ball should take a handful of seconds to explode after first being grabbed. Grab and toss as many of the Blast Balls away from you as possible as that will be the best way to secure yourself from the ragdoll physics after an explosion.

5/10 Fall Ball

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Anyone who has player organized Football aka Soccer knows that skills like passing and team interplay are an essential part of the sport. However, if you're feeling like Ronaldo, you can try to master scoring long range efforts to put your team ahead. If you're able to pull off an incredible strike, the gameplan suddenly becomes much more feasible.

As a solo player, you'll want to focus on defending your goal and staying in the lead. Gaining that first goal advantage is the hard part, but with enough effort, you can squeak one through. Defense is the key to winning here as it can be exceedingly difficult to score if everyone is clambering for control of the ball, so get ahead and stay ahead if you can.

4/10 Bubble Trouble

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - 10 Hardest Rounds To Win Solo (7)

Bubble Trouble is a massive obstacle standing in the way of any players with ambitions of claiming their crown. This fast-paced collect-a-thon will pit players against each other in a race to earn the most points by popping bubbles. There are two areas where you can grab the bubbles at a given time, so keep your head on a swivel.

The amount of competitors, positioning of the bubbles and randomness of the lily bounces make this one of the most agonizing games to attempt to win solo as a majority of your time will be spent losing out on bubbles just a few inches away as players frequently fall from the sky onto your bubble after they bounce up high above you.

3/10 Sweet Thieves

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - 10 Hardest Rounds To Win Solo (8)

This special edition Invisibean round divides players into Guardians and Thieves, each vying for control over the most candy. The twist with this unique game type is that one side — the Thieves — are invisible when moving slowly or standing still, making the Guardian side a tall task to take on.

(Video) Winning Xtreme Solos on Fall Guys

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However, even the best Thieves will have to rely on some help from their teammates as being captured by a Guardian will dwindle the amount of Thieves and make life harder for the remaining players. Even a master pickpocket would struggle in this mode as soloing will require some incredible skill and subterfuge.

2/10 Power Trip

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - 10 Hardest Rounds To Win Solo (9)

Power Trip approaches impossible as this round's basic design negates almost any chance of soloing this contest from the get-go. In order to win, you will need to hold a battery to change the floor tiles' color, but therin lies the problem. Much like Basketfall, you are only one person and can only hold one object at a time.

While trying to turn a majority of the floor into your team's colors alone is a foolish expectation, perhaps your best bet as a solo player is to find a pair or grouping of adversaries near each other so you can potentially undo the work of multiple people by following them around. Similarly, take note of your teammates and stay as far away as possible, as this round will rely on movement and positioning above all else.

1/10 Egg Siege

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - 10 Hardest Rounds To Win Solo (10)

Even for organized squads of four players, Egg Siege and its variations are among the most infuriatingly difficult rounds to win. Players must not only earn points by tossing eggs (including golden ones worth five points), but also retain those points until time expires to advance.

(Video) EVERY SINGLE Finale Strategy Guide For Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout! - Tips & Tricks #15

The initial rush to grab as many eggs from the center is frenetic enough, but once players start stealing other teams' eggs, chaos ensues as priority shifts from grabbing the most eggs, to ensuring that your team is not last. This shift often results in the two leading teams ganging up on the trailing team, giving you as a solo player the impossible task of fending off two teams worth of players in order to keep your eggs and earn the hotly-contested win.

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How many rounds are in Fall Guys solo? ›

Solo Show will consist of 3 to 8 rounds in total (if started with 60 players and a non-final round did not end the show), with the first one always being a race round (if started with 60 players).

How do you win final rounds in Fall Guys? ›

Almost all final rounds have a time limit of 5:00.
  1. If this limit is reached in Hex-A-Gone, Jump Showdown, Thin Ice, Roll Off, Hex-A-Ring, and Hex-A-Terrestrial, everyone remaining wins a crown. ...
  2. If this limit is reached in Fall Mountain, Lost Temple, and Tip Toe Finale, everyone loses.

Did Fall Guys used to have 100 players? ›

He drew from that inspiration to create a pitch document for what would become Fall Guys. Originally titled Fools' Gauntlet, (also later under development using the name "Stumble Chums"), Walsh's pitch featured 100 players competing in a battle royale composed of physical challenges.

How long is a Fall Guys round? ›

Every match contains 5 rounds and each round can last approximately 1 to 5 minutes max. This means that in the span of about 15 to 20 minutes, 59 contestants will fall and one player will come out victorious. This means that the average Fall Guys match runs for about 5 to 10 minutes.

What happens if you play 100 rounds in Fall Guys? ›

Play 100 rounds in any show: Earn the Major Mancake skin in Fortnite, 1200 Kudos in Fall Guys, and the Fallout Limited Rocket Boost in Rocket League.

What is the rarest thing in Fall Guys? ›

10 Rarest Skins in Fall Guys Ever Released
  • Golden Knight. Rarity: Legendary.
  • Rival. Rarity: Special. ...
  • Bulletkin. Rarity: Special. ...
  • Super Umo. Rarity: Special. ...
  • Prickles. Rarity: Epic. ...
  • Lemon Blast. Rarity: Epic. ...
  • Sorcerer. Rarity: Epic. Unlocked by: Weekly Crown League. ...
  • Pirate. Rarity: Rare. Unlocked by: First Anniversary Gift. ...
23 Jul 2022

How do you beat hex ring? ›

Stay on top of the rotating ring of tiles to WIN the CROWN!

What is Invisibeans? ›

Invisibeans rounds probably mean that you can go invisible in the matches.

Is Fall Guys popular than fortnite? ›

Fall Guys is the new Twitch King.

The simplistic controls and intuitive gameplay helped drive the popularity for the battle royale title.

Who made Mediatonic? ›

Dave Bailey Paul Croft

Will Fall Guys end? ›

When does the Fall Guys season end? Right now we are immersed in Season 1: Free for All, which would actually come to be Season 7, but the number has been rebooted as Fall Guys has become free to play. It will be available from June 21, 2022 through August 29, 2022.

Can you have 5 in Fall Guys? ›

For the main live shows, and for most if not all seasonal or special event shows, the maximum amount of players in a party is four. Even for solo shows, a party of four players can join the same game and compete with or against each other.

Are Fall Guys mature? ›

Fall Guys is rated as follows – Rated PEGI 3. ESRB EVERYONE for mild cartoon violence. Users Interact: The game enables players to interact and communicate with each other, so may expose players to language usually associated with older rated games.

How do you get free Mancake skin? ›

Get yourself a free Fortnite skin by playing Fall Guys. Everyone can now play Fall Guys for free as it's been made free to play across all platforms. To celebrate this, Fortnite is rewarding players for playing the game by giving away a free Mancake skin.

How many average players does Fall Guys have? ›

Fall Guys
MonthAvg. PlayersGain
Last 30 Days5,192.9-444.1
October 20225,637.0-2,982.2
September 20228,619.2-5,791.0
August 202214,410.2-15,390.8
24 more rows

Do you need 10 players for Fall Guys? ›

Joining or hosting a show. A custom lobby in "Fall Guys" supports up to 60 players with a hard minimum of 10 as of the hotfix implemented on June 24 (per the official Twitter page).

Is Ezio rare in Fall Guys? ›

The Ezio Costume is a costume in Fall Guys. It is immediately unlocked upon purchase of the premium season pass in Season 1. It is a crossover costume from the Assassin's Creed franchise, based on its namesake.
Ezio Costume.

Is Hot Dog rare in Fall Guys? ›

The Hot Dog Costume is a costume in Fall Guys.

Is Royal fumble still in Fall Guys? ›

Royal Fumble is one of the rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This round is a Final round and was first introduced in the beta version.

How many finals in Fall Guys? ›

There are currently 76 different rounds in Fall Guys: 30 Races, 9 Survival, 11 Hunt, 12 Team, 2 Logic, 1 Invisibeans and 11 Finals.

What are the Final rounds in Fall Guys? ›

Fall Guys: All Final Rounds, Ranked
  • 7/7 Royal Fumble - A Chase For First Place!
  • 6/7 Jump Showdown - The Ultimate Patience Test!
  • 5/7 Thin Ice - Watch Your Step In This Final Round!
  • 4/7 Roll Off - A Slimy Spin On A Classic Contest!
  • 3/7 Lost Temple - A Stressful Quest To Be The Best!
23 Jun 2022

What is the hardest skin to get in Fall Guys? ›

Rarest Fall Guys Skins: Mediatonic Pattern

The Fall Guys Mediatonic Pattern is a unique pattern that stamps the Mediatonic logo across the user's bean's chest. This pattern is exclusive to Mediatonic employees, making it perhaps the rarest pattern in all of Fall Guys.

Is there a trick to Fall Guys? ›

Jumping down, not up

When jumping in Fall Guys, you will be pushed off the floor, parallel to the slant on the floor. On flat ground, you will shoot straight up, but while on a slant, you will be pushed away from the angle of the floor.

How rare are team rounds in Fall Guys? ›

Your objective is not to be the last-place team, be it hoarding as many eggs in your goal area as possible, scoring the most points, or finishing as quickly as possible. Team rounds seldom appear as the first mini-game and never as the finale, so you may need to survive a few games before one occurs.


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