Fall Guys review: A perfect amount of cheap, stupid fun with online friends (2023)

Better than Autumn Guys —

Solo grind is frustrating; bring friends for a marked improvement.

Sam Machkovech -

Fall Guys review: A perfect amount of cheap, stupid fun with online friends (1)

Game details

Developer: Mediatonic
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Platform: PC, PS4
Release Date: Aug 4, 2020
ESRB Rating: E for Everyone
Price: $20
Links:Steam| PSN| Official website

Have you been looking for a good online multiplayer game that's accessible to anyone who can use a joystick and three buttons? Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is that game. Imagine the minigame zaniness of Mario Party combined with the simple, squishy controls of Gang Beasts, then remixed to deliver the kind of fun that won't have you screaming in sheer anger at your friends. (Meaning, much better than Mario Party.)

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The biggest catch, as those comparisons hint at, is Fall Guys' weakness as a solo game. Every match you'll play in the game's launch version is a battle against up to 59 online strangers, and the same design elements that make this a fun game with friends will leave you frustrated and furious when it's just you versus the world.

Fall Guys is a must-play with friends in your online party, a more tiring slog when played alone, and a party game that currently lacks any form of local-multiplayer functionality. If that sales pitch hasn't lost you, read on.

Tails, balls, and whacks

Each Fall Guys session takes place over five rounds of elimination contests, whittling the fray down from 60 competitors to a single winner. In every round, you control a slow, bean-shaped "fall guy," likely named after its floppy balance issues. You'll run and jump through obstacle courses, between swinging pendulums and platforms, and across soccer-like arenas, and anything less than a smooth landing will see your colorful, squeaky character topple over, get up, and try again.

The randomly selected minigames break down into a few categories. In races, you run as part of a pack of dozens of critters to reach a finish line, and each of the race types has a different notable obstacle. One of them has a series of walls, and the mob has to figure out which ones break open and which are too firm to pass through. Another one has a Last Crusade-style array of fake ground tiles, which break apart at the slightest touch, so you and other competitors must figure out the actual solid walking path to the finish line (though you can usually start over if you fall through a false tile). Standard-issue obstacle courses come with their own wacky-physics objects (swinging hammers, massive propellers) that can whack your character out of the running—or, with precise timing,forward to success.


"Tail" contests revolve around seeing who has a glowing tail on their butt by the end of a match's timer, and if you don't have one, you can use a "grab" button to swipe one off someone else. A few contests revolve around massive soccer balls, and these often split remaining players into teams to either play a straightforward soccer match—shoving massive balls with their tiny bodies into opposing goals—or to push and control a series of balls into their own colored zone before time runs out.

The fun of each of these is about the game's gooey-collision physics playing nicely with what appears to be solid in-game netcode. Sometimes, roughly 20 players will try to squish or bounce through the same narrow passageway, and while the resulting fray can range from hilarious to frustrating, you can't blame it on anything but fellow players' bedlam. Without that execution, you might write Fall Guys off as a battle royale cash-in, but instead, this has a seriously delightful, goofy feeling—arguably more like Super Mario Maker 2's online-versus modes, without the atrocious lag.

PS4 vs. PC

On PlayStation 4, Fall Guys is the summer's biggest no-brainer. It's a PlayStation Plus giveaway for the month of August, and on that platform, it requires PS Plus to work (since it's online-only). So if you and your friends use that console and have any interest, your group should cash in any remaining PS Plus trials or vouchers to claim the game before month's end.

The PC side of things is a slightly hairier proposition, given that there's a minimum $20 entry cost—and I've recently complained about retail-priced games that include obvious free-to-play hooks. Fall Guys smothers its interface with reminders that you can pay real money to change your blobby character's "completely optional" cosmetics, and in this game's case, the combination of impressive outfit designs and massive crowds of fellow players means you're always getting slapped with the potential FOMO of not having a cool outfit.

In good news, you can't pay for the game's "season pass" of earnable outfits. The season pass offers a solid range of silly outfit options, along with enough in-game currency to buy custom outfits from a store's rotating selection of outfits, pants, colors, and tattoo-like patterns. Importantly, on all platforms, certain cosmetics canonly be purchased by getting first place in any 60-strong competition round, which gives winning players a single "crown" of currency. (Right now, rare outfit pieces cost up to five crowns a pop.)

As such, on PC, you're essentially prebuying a F2P game's season-pass content in perpetuity, instead of jumping in for free and then later deciding whether to buy into that stuff. The game in question has to be good enough for me to recommend such an option, especially when it prods players to possibly open their wallets and join the outfit-purchase frenzy. When played with a group of friends, Fall Guys exceeds that threshold.


It’s dangerous to Fall alone

When you party with up to three other friends, you'll matchmake into the same 60-strong session, and everyone in your party will be marked by a small icon. That means you can either leave them alone or inflict friendly hazing. Once anyone in the party is knocked out of a round, they can either hang around and spectate, or they can quit and play a separate session by themselves. I heartily recommend that friends stick together whenever possible, even if that means your entire party force-quits because someone loses in the first round. I recommend this because the game's lengthy rounds include ample opportunities for get-pumped banter and holy-cow shrieks of delight or frustration.

I haven't had this much fun with friends in an online game in all of 2020, so long as everyone was connected with mics (usually via a third-party app like Discord). Fall Guys is even more fun when the entire group sticks around while a single party member survives into the final round and everyone else spectates and cheers them on. Viewers can each switch camera angles to follow other competitors and offer play-by-play commentary of the ensuing chaos as six to 10 people vie for that lucrative end-of-match crown.

Solo is so-so

The same simply cannot be said for solo play, however. Many of Fall Guys' minigames revolve around last-second BS, quite honestly, where a round's prior two or three minutes are completely meaningless thanks to a random, perfectly timed confluence of factors. I've taken to calling this minigame "F*** You: The Video Game" due to how an entire round of "good" play can go sideways thanks to someone sneaking up and stealing a tail or blocking your path to pushing a ball into a goal. Moments like these are tolerable and even delightful when shared among friends. Playing alone—when it's just you, a mass of silent opponents, and a wacky physics engine—doesn't make room for healthy, fun reactions.

Hence, I only play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout when at least one friend is available—and ever since the game's retail launch, I've been fortunate to have friends ping me on a pretty regular basis, asking if I can drop everything I'm doing and rack up a few rounds. I did that so many times this week that, if I'm being frank, writing this review was the only way to not get in trouble with Ars management. I didn't respond to messages, emails, and calls quickly the past few days, boss, because I was, er, working on this review. And loving it.

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Verdict: A must-play if you already subscribe to PlayStation Plus. A hearty party-game recommendation if you can convince online friends to join in. A tough sell for loners or couch co-op players.

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Are Fall Guys fun with friends? ›

Silly, multiplayer madness.

In addition, Fall Guys' in-game currencies can be earned easily from playing, rather than paying. You can buy Kudos (the in-game currency) if you want to, but it is very, very easy to earn just by performing well. Fall Guys is fun on it's own, but playing with friends is an absolute blast.

Is Fall Guys still popular 2022? ›

Wondering how many people play Fall Guys? Well, our player count tracker will give you insights into the latest stats for Mediatonic's platformer battle royale. After recently going free to play, Fall Guys has seen a huge resurgence in its player base.

Is Fall Guys a fun game? ›

You don't often find a game that is easy to play, funny, and appropriate for all ages, but Fall Guys delivers that joyful experience consistently.

Is Fall Guys 60 fps on Switch? ›

It will run at 4K 60 FPS. All versions of Fall Guys will have cross-play and shared progress. The Nintendo Switch version will be playable in Dock mode (1080p 30 FPS) and Portable mode (720p 30 FPS).

What do guys do for fun with friends? ›

1 Play your favourite video games if you're feeling competitive. 2 Watch TV together if you want to chill out. 3 Play your favourite board games for some old-school fun. 4 Host a poker night if you're in the mood for a classic boys night.

Are Fall Guys addictive? ›

Fall Guys is addictive, hilarious and heartbreakingly frustrating.

Is Fall Guys popular than fortnite? ›

Fall Guys is the new Twitch King.

The simplistic controls and intuitive gameplay helped drive the popularity for the battle royale title.

Is Fall Guys gonna end? ›

It will be available from June 21, 2022 through August 29, 2022. New features include new rounds, new obstacles and new challenges. From that date we will move on to season 2, with a leitmotif yet to be announced.

Is Fall Guys a heavy game? ›

Fall Guys is actually a relatively small game that only takes up about 2 GB of storage, unlike the 200 GB that Modern Warfare uses. Your computer's video card should be at least a GeForce GTX 660 or a Radeon HD 7950.

Can Fall Guys be played alone? ›

3,2,1, Space! Solo Show (formerly named Main Show) is the original playlist mode in Fall Guys, which used to feature every round of Fall Guys. It's permanently available since the launch of the game on 4 August 2020.

Is Fall Guys free-to-play forever? ›

If you add it to your collection, you'll own it permanently, and can play it whenever you want. To get Fall Guys from the Epic Games Store, all you have to do is visit the Epic Games Store Free Games page (opens in new tab).

Is Fall Guys a laggy game? ›

Fall Guys is a very well-optimized game, but lag can come with any gaming experience on any platform. Players should go through the traditional steps to ensure the best performance.

Why did Fall Guys become free? ›

Fall Guys has evolved beyond its premium origins to officially become a free-to-play title. Mediatonic, which was purchased by Epic Games last year, said the battle royale platformer would become free-to-play on all platforms in June 2022 and has now made good on that promise.

Does Fall Guys have 120 fps? ›

Fall Guys Will Run at 4K and 60 FPS on Xbox Series X, 1440p and 60 FPS on Xbox Series S.

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Play with his nipples, sucking on them then blowing on them for extra stimulation; explore his chest and abdomen with your hands; squeeze his behind; and caress his skin from top to toe, to make sure all his nerve endings are on fire for your touch.

How can I have fun with my friend? ›

  1. Have a games night. There are lots of websites and apps that can help you and your friends get together for some virtual fun and games. ...
  2. Join a study session. Missing your library hang-outs with your friends? ...
  3. Watch a movie together. ...
  4. Catch up properly. ...
  5. Start a book club. ...
  6. Cook together.

What girls should do for guys? ›

Things Girls Do that Guys Love
  • Show physical affection. There are many ways to show physical affection, some are subtle and others are much more obvious. ...
  • Touches when talking. ...
  • Cuddling. ...
  • Playing with hair. ...
  • Shows affection in public. ...
  • Touches chest. ...
  • Back scratch or message. ...
  • Showing encouragement.
3 Dec 2019

Do Fall Guys ban hackers? ›

Fall Guys is the latest game to ban players who are cheating using hacks. For many game companies the struggle with hackers is real and the downside of success.

Are Fall Guys mature? ›

Fall Guys is rated as follows – Rated PEGI 3. ESRB EVERYONE for mild cartoon violence. Users Interact: The game enables players to interact and communicate with each other, so may expose players to language usually associated with older rated games.

Do outfits matter in Fall Guys? ›

Costumes are only for aesthetics, and they don't affect at all the moveset of your character in-game.

What's the rarest color? ›

Vantablack is known as the darkest man made pigment. The color, which absorbs almost 100 percent of visible light, was invented by Surrey Nanosystems for space exploration purposes. The special production process and unavailability of vantablack to the general public makes it the rarest color ever.

What is the rarest face in Fall Guys? ›

The Gordon Headcrab is among the rarest skins in Fall Guys skin, and players could pre-order before the official release of the game. The costume is modeled after Gordon Freeman, the main protagonist from the Half-Life series of video games developed in 1998.

Is Ezio rare in Fall Guys? ›

The Ezio Costume is a costume in Fall Guys. It is immediately unlocked upon purchase of the premium season pass in Season 1. It is a crossover costume from the Assassin's Creed franchise, based on its namesake.
Ezio Costume.

Will Fall Guys become popular again? ›

Stumbling its way back into popularity.

Shortly after its initial release, Fall Guys saw a dip in player population after launch as is natural with most online games. However, since the game was re-released as a free-to-play title in late June, it has seen a massive resurgence, and the numbers only keep growing.

Why do people love Fall Guys? ›

Fall Guys is popular because it's a lot of silly fun where you can go careening wildly across the map, accidentally screw someone else over and win by chance, and it's a fairly friendly and innocent battle royale.

What is more popular apex or Fall Guys? ›

Fall Guys hit 50 million players faster than Apex, Fortnite & Warzone.

Can you have 5 in Fall Guys? ›

For the main live shows, and for most if not all seasonal or special event shows, the maximum amount of players in a party is four. Even for solo shows, a party of four players can join the same game and compete with or against each other.

Does Fall Guys have a time limit? ›

Almost all final rounds have a time limit of 5:00.

Did Fall Guys get removed? ›

Fall Guys Has Been Removed From Steam, But Will Still Receive Full Support.

What happens if you play 100 rounds in Fall Guys? ›

Play 100 rounds in any show: Earn the Major Mancake skin in Fortnite, 1200 Kudos in Fall Guys, and the Fallout Limited Rocket Boost in Rocket League.

Is Fall Guys like Squid game? ›

Fall Guys feels inspired by Squid Game, and wants to add a new game mode like Red Light, Green Light.

Does Fall Guys require skill? ›

How SBMM works in Fall Guys. Fall Guys does use skill-based matchmaking to determine what players the game uses to fill a lobby in its Solo shows. The feature was added in April 2022, shortly after Fall Guys changed its matchmaking service from the Unity Matchmaker to the Fortnite Matchmaker.

What is the hardest game in Fall Guys? ›

Speed Circuit. There are lots of multiplayer games for fans of Fall Guys, but none have a mini-game as hard as speed circuit.

How long is a average Fall Guys game? ›

How long does it take to beat Fall Guys? The estimated time to complete all 34 Fall Guys achievements is 40-50 hours. This estimate is based on the median completion time from 264 TrueAchievements members that have completed the game.

Can fall guy play 2 player? ›

Unfortunately, the local co-op multiplayer is not yet implemented in Fall Guys. In lieu of split screen and general local co-op, players have access to online matchmaking and cross-platform play with which you can play with your friends.

Is Fall Guys pay to win? ›

Fall Guys has added a purchasable Season Pass. As with Fortnite, playing Fall Guys without spending a penny is possible, and none of the Season Passes, in-game currencies, and microtransactions could be described as being either necessary to complete the game nor as offering any kind of in-game advantage.

Do people who paid for Fall Guys get anything? ›

Those who've paid for Fall Guys will be receiving several free cosmetics including a nickname, a nameplate, the Regal costume, the Veggie Dog costume, and the Feisty Dwarf costume. You also get a free premium battle pass for the initial post-F2P season!

Will Fall Guys be removed from Steam? ›

These changes came after Epic Games acquired Tonic Games Group in 2021. Tonic Games Group is the parent company of Mediatonic, the developer behind Fall Guys. Unfortunately, that means that Fall Guys won't be available on Steam anymore as Epic Games decided to move it to its own store.

Are Fall Guys better or Stumble Guys? ›

For both games, we don't see a heavy difference in the aspect of the graphics, but we can say one thing. Fall Guys is a game with some polished graphics, and its stages are also made using several settings. But overall, Stumble Guys has a little bit of a downgrade from its graphics than the Stumble Guys.

Which game is more popular Fall Guys or among us? ›

The Viewers Peak of Among Us was reached on August 27 and concluded 745K, and the overall Hours Watched number of Among Us is 58% bigger compared to Fall Guys. There we should consider the fact that the game is on the market for two years.

Is Fall Guys a real game? ›

Fall Guys is a free, cross-platform, massively multiplayer, party royale game where you and your fellow contestants compete through escalating rounds of absurd obstacle course chaos until one lucky victor remains! Software description provided by the publisher.

Why did Fall Guys remove names? ›

When Clash Royale first launched, players, used different HTML codes and colors to change their names, fonts, and so on. To allow a balanced behavior, Fall Guys developer has temporarily disabled the feature, until they fix it.

Did Fall Guys used to have 100 players? ›

He drew from that inspiration to create a pitch document for what would become Fall Guys. Originally titled Fools' Gauntlet, (also later under development using the name "Stumble Chums"), Walsh's pitch featured 100 players competing in a battle royale composed of physical challenges.

What happened to all my Fall Guys Skins? ›

EDIT: Talked with FALL GUYS support they transferred everything over. You need to send them your epic account ID # and they'll send your items/stuff to from Steam account to Epic. It'll all be there the next time you log in to fall guys.

What FPS do humans see in real life? ›

The visual cues in the world around us move at a particular rate, and our eyes can take in this information at a specific pace of perception. Most experts have a tough time agreeing on an exact number, but the conclusion is that most humans can see at a rate of 30 to 60 frames per second.

Can PS5 run 8K? ›

Currently, PlayStation 5 is capable to support video games at an 8K resolution and has an HDMI 2.1 slot that enables the potential to play games in 8K resolution at 60 frame rates per second (FPS). However, 8K gaming is not available on the console for Sony has capped the current capabilities at a native 4K.

Is 50 fps good for single player? ›

Most people are OK playing at this frame rate, even if it's not perfect. 45-60 FPS: Smooth. Most PC gamers aim to achieve frame rates in this range. 60+ FPS: Very smooth.

Can you talk to friends in Fall Guys? ›

The answer is yes, Fall Guys does have voice chat, but it's not automatically enabled, meaning you will need to turn it on if you are planning to start talking with people in-game.

Can you hear other players in Fall Guys? ›

Fall Guys has an in-game voice chat option. To set it up, go into the in-game Audio Options. If you wish to turn it on, toggle the Party Voice Chat option to ON. There, you also have the options to choose Talk Mode (Open Mic or Push to Talk), Voice Chat Volume, Input Device, and Output Type.

Is Fall Guys a party game? ›

Fall Guys is a free, cross-platform, massively multiplayer, party royale game where you and your fellow contestants compete through escalating rounds of absurd obstacle course chaos until one lucky victor remains! Software description provided by the publisher.

What is the target audience for Fall Guys? ›

Fall Guys has wide, mainstream appeal -- accessible to audiences of all ages and interests. The game is super easy to understand and explain to people that have never seen it before -- even through a single gif or picture. Players will experience different combinations of rounds every time.

Can 5 people join in Fall Guys? ›

In Fall Guys, a public lobby can host up to four players or you and three of your buddies.

Can you do 2 player Fall Guys? ›

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout does not offer split-screen play at this time. You won't be able to do any sort of couch co-op or competitive modes with a friend on the couch.

Why can't I talk in Fall Guys? ›

Check your audio settings in Fall Guys

Therefore, players need to head to the settings menu to enable Party Chat, denoted by the cog wheel at the top righthand side of the main menu screen. Next, players must select Audio and scroll down to the Party Voice Chat header under Volume.

Are Fall Guys free? ›

Play Fall Guys for free on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and the Epic Games Store!

How long does a game of Fall Guys last? ›

Insane 26% Retirement
PC608h 27m
PlayStation 4397h 30m
PlayStation 556h 50m
Xbox One1--
2 more rows


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